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Daisy Jones & the Six – Mastering the Digital Audience + Crowd Duplication

Crowds and Crowd Duplication? How do we do it? At the core of VFX is the seamless blend between real and enhanced. Zoic’s own Rocco Passionino dives into Emmy-nominated Daisy Jones & the Six and the realistic crowd work.

How did the digital craft of this project differ from other crowd scenes you have worked on? 

“Every crowd I’ve ever created has been a unique experience. Frustratingly, it’s very rare for us to be able to lift a toolset from one project and drop it into another – there is always a twist. The size of the crowds and the time period definitely made Daisy Jones & The Six different from other shows we have worked on. 

As the series progresses, the band’s popularity leads to them performing at larger and larger venues, culminating with their final performance at Chicago’s Soldier Field Stadium. For this, we had to fill up the entirety of a 1970’s replica (Soldier Field was remodelled in 2002) of the 50,000 seat stadium with a digital crowd – in period clothing – matching to the performance of the foreground live action extras in the scene. Almost every shot in the series had a live action extras component to it which challenged us to make our crowd match in look, feel, and action to the real people in the scene.”