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CrowdStrike – SuperBowl Spot

Global cybersecurity leader CrowdStrike has joined forces with Zoic Studios and RadicalMedia for a Super Bowl LVIII commercial where sci-fi meets the wild west. The spot, titled ‘The Future’, premiered in one of the prime time slots just preceding Usher’s halftime show.

Teaming up with CrowdStrike, Zoic Studios leveraged the expertise of Julian Brami, the creative director, and Sabrina Harrison-Gazdik, the executive producer, to elevate their newest commercial to unprecedented success. Through their collective expertise, the commercial captivated audiences with its stunning visual effects and realistic adversaries.

Our Superbowl Spot

The Origin of the Adversary Characters

CrowdStrike and Zoic Studios initially collaborated on the Adversary characters, designed to represent viruses and other threats, for a different spot. For this iteration, the brand’s in-house creative team wanted to make a statement worthy of the prime time moment. Leveraging Zoic’s experience on some of the largest shows in television and streaming, the two worked to incorporate the adversaries into a futuristic western scene – a stand out concept both familiar and new. With close collaboration throughout the entire process, Crowdstrike and Zoic sought a balance that would allow the characters to shine and entertain while staying true to the brand’s vision, explaining how its AI-powered software protects networks and businesses around the world.

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