Real Time Group

Zoic Studios has been a pioneer in the virtual production space, with 15 years and over 400 days on set leveraging proprietary technology on Series & Branded Content. Our Real Time Group launched in 2021, spurred by dramatic advancements in real-time filmmaking technologies.

Our multidisciplinary approach to real-time filmmaking embraces the creative flexibility and accelerated timeline these technologies support. Specializing in designing unique solutions for every project, Zoic’s Real Time Group will continue to embrace emerging technologies to bolster their real-time filmmaking capabilities. Our current specialization areas include:

Interactive Visualization: Leveraging Unreal, our interactive previs process that allows for an unparalleled level of real time collaboration between the filmmakers and the VFX team, achieving the cinematic quality of action-packed visual effects sequences on a tight broadcast schedule. As seen in: “For All Man Kind,” “Superman and Lois,” “Stargirl,” “The Boys,” “Sweet Tooth,” “SEE,” “Paper Girls,” “The Flash,” commercial for Gundam:Warfare.

Virtual Art Department: We provide pre-rendered assets in previsualization that give creative teams the opportunity to optimize set design, lighting, lensing and camera ahead of shooting. As seen in: “For All Mankind,” “Superman & Lois,” “The Haunting of Bly Manor;” commercials for Gundam:Warfare and Fox Sports.

LED Volume: Our team leverages the latest LED technology for in-camera visual effects with an LED Stage environment. In addition to crafting custom assets for the LED walls, our team also works closely with creative and technical teams to consult on the build out of these custom virtual environments. As seen in: Sweet Tooth and commercial for Gundam: Warfare.

Final Pixel: Our interactive previsualization process not only optimizes creative ideation, but also allows for a seamless transition to post production, shifting pre-rendered assets created in Unreal to final pixel. As seen in: “For all Man Kind” and “Superman & Lois.”

Cinematics: We work within Unreal to create in-game animations and cinematics at an unrivaled scale and speed. As seen in: League of Legends.