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Sam Shear, Zoic Pictures, at SXSW

Our very own Sam Shear, Head of Development for Zoic Pictures, moderated a panel at SXSW with a focus on female writing and “Badass” female leads. The panel was comprised showrunners, screenwriters and development execs including Dara Resnick, Stephanie Smith, Karyn Smith-Fire.

IF you’re interested in how to write a proper female lead, the general re-write process or how the development process workers, you can find the podcast link here.

SXSW Description Below :

Genre enthusiasts–creators and fans alike–have established affinities for franchises built around certain tropes and character arcs that are usually centered on a male perspective. But with genre content trending in mainstream entertainment, and larger female audiences calling for more representative characters and storylines, how can the space showcase women being as badass as the male leads that came before them?
A group of seasoned genre content female writers will discuss their approach to creating fresh narratives for a continually growing–and diverse–audience that breaks existing paradigms and broaden POVs in the space, and inspire a lineup of more diverse creators for the future.