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Julien Brami – Featured Post Perspective

Our very own Creative Director, Julien Brami, was recently featured in Post Perspective Magazine. They reached out to dig deeper into his role at the studio, his workflow and what the title Creative Director actually entails at a studio like Zoic. You can find his comprehensive interview here.

We highlighted some of our favorite snippets below :

What does being a creative director/VFX supervisor entail?

While I do sometimes handle both roles, I primarily function as a creative director at Zoic. That role entails getting a concept or idea from a client or agency; developing the look, workflow, time frame and budget; then driving the internal creative and technical to reach the original goal. It’s about transforming the concept and idea into a reality by creating a system internally to marry the creative and technical process to reach the vision.

There is a more technical approach for a VFX supervisor. Within this role, you define workflows then work with every production and post production department, on-set and in post, to get what you need to execute those VFX. Back at the studio, you develop workflows for your team. Additionally, it is your role to translate the process for the client, explaining what goes into making the magic and how we achieve things.

Can you name some recent projects you have worked on?

We partnered with The Famous Group to create an exciting mixed reality experience for Carolina Panthers fans that brought their mascot into the stadium. Our team designed and animated the panther to match the look and feel of the iconic statues outside the Bank of America Stadium. It was a really fun and unique project.

Another one I really enjoyed was working on a Pernod Ricard installation in Vegas featuring LED screens.

I enjoyed collaborating with Frost Giant Studios on the cinematic announcement trailer for Stormgate. The trailer was directed by Zoic co-founder Chris Jones and was crafted entirely with real-time filmmaking techniques in Unreal Engine. It was a long but really exciting collaboration with the team at Frost Giant, working months ahead of the launch date to come up with the characters and work on building the world of Stormgate.

I work primarily on the commercials side of Zoic, but I also work on some of our episodic projects when they need more creative direction, one of the latest being Paper Girls. Defining the look and feel of the show with VFX supervisor Lou Pecora was a really fun challenge to be a part of.

Name three pieces of technology you can’t live without.

Teradici PCoIP because it allows us the ability to all work from home with no impact whatsoever just by plugging in a box at home. Being able to remote in that way truly blows my mind.

GPU-based software, which allows us to create and iterate faster.

My other favorite is my iPad Pro. Each time I use it, I am blown away by all that it can do. From taking notes and sketching concept art to lidar, photogrammetry and 3D sculpting/rendering — it can handle it all!

Interested in Working with Julien Brami?

Julien and Zoic are always excited for new projects or to kick around some creative ideas. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Sales team to have a meeting set up.